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LP spa combines wide experience and manufacturing skills to satisfy the ever-increasing customers quality requirements and become your business partner as key supplier and more..

LP spa established in 1976 with major presence in petrochemical plants and most recently in cogeneration plants for manufacturing and supply of: Finned Tubes, Studded Tubes, Headers and Manifolds, Fired heater radiant and convection coils/modules, Waste heat boilers, preheaters, economizers, and superheaters Cryogenic liquid vaporizers (LNG), Cold collectors and transferline, Piping systems, Skid Assemblies. Our proud history of more than 40 years of activity has given us the expertise required to manufacture the finest equipment available.
LP spa has a labour force of 100 people and utilizes all the most up-to-date production devices.

A policy of continuing investment in plant and equipment ensures that workshops facilities are periodically reinforced and conform to international standards. Our policy is reliability and product quality. LP spa: an ISO9001 and ASME Certified Company. The technical background of our company ensures that the manufacturing process and procedures meet the approval of LLOYDS, BUREU VERITAS, APAVE, T. U. E. V., D. N. V., INAIL, and other international agencies requirements. The capabilities of LP spa have been recognised by leading international engineering organizations and prestigious contracts have been secured from all major world wide engineering companies. A combination of technology, quality assurance, and advanced manufacturing equipments are the reasons for the continuous growth of LP spa success.

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