1 Gennaio 2018

In today’s market it is essential to stay updated and clearly visible to make progress. In the spirit of renovation, LP spa has done just that.
Today, LP spa launches its new website. It is a reflection of our company’s renewed commitment to being a key supplier to our clients. The site’s homepage welcomes Customers and visitors with a clean sleek design, and featured content focused on our target to provide our clients with most accurate products and services information. The website will be updated on a regular basis, with news, media, events, product/services launches and new content.

1 Gennaio 2018

Certification is a guarantee of the commitment to achieving quality objectives and the pursuit of mutual satisfaction with customers and suppliers; a distinctive feature that enhances both corporate image and ability to emerge on new markets, LP spa has performed all the necessary activities for the future renewal of its Quality System certification to ISO 9001 -2015 obtained in December 2017. This demonstrates its constant objective of continuous improvement. LP S.p.A puts first in place Continuous improvement as a process to become a more effective organization, providing an incremental pathway consisting of so many small steps towards a better professional future. In addition, it has already introduced more restrictive procedures and control activities on workers’ health and safety in compliance with national laws, with the aim of certifying by 2018/2019 when the future ISO 45001 will come into effect

1 Gennaio 2018

LP spa has recently done an important investment in a new heat treatment oven. A strategic choice in order to bring heat treatment in-house to improve quality, delivery time and reducing costs. The new Unit is a high efficient machinery built with the most updated technologies to ensure maximum reliability during the fabrication process.